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Buffers are shipped as two concentrates (one kit). Detailed instructions are included. The pISep Gradient Maker software will calculate the parameters necessary to develop complex pH gradients of varying slopes, linear or non-linear, concave or convex, permitting optimization of the separation process.

Buffer Kit to prepare 5 liter working buffer $475.00
Buffer Kit to prepare 25 liter working buffer $1500.00
Buffer Kit to prepare 50 liter working buffer $2500.00
Buffer Kit to prepare 100 liter working buffer $3750.00
For Buffer Kits over 100 liters Call
pISep Gradient Maker Software (1 CD) $550.00
pISep Software Plus (NaCl, ACN, Urea switches) (1 CD) $1250.00 New
pISep Software PRO (Dual Gradient System) (1 CD) $2500.00 New $2500.00 New

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