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Software updates

Go to the Updates page for software updates and the instruction manual to download updates.

1.Right click on the appropriate update link below.
2. Select Save Target As from the popup menu.
3. Save the file to your hard drive in the directory(s) where you originally installed your pISep application.
4. To install the update files, go to the directory wherein you just saved the downloaded file and double click it to self-extract the update files.
5. After the extraction, read the "Readme first pISep Software Ver. 1.1.txt" file for further instructions on how to run the installation program.
6. Before you proceed with the installation, verify that you have a valid Version 1 of the pISep software present in the same directory and then run the pISep installer to update your current version. Please wait until the install program is complete.
7. You are now ready to run the updated version.

Update Links
pISep pH Profile and Scale-Up Calculator version 1.1.exe